👋 I’m Mohamed, or as some humanfolk call me—Amun. Welcome to my digital home.

Mohamed Elbadwihi's personal photo

I’m glad you’re here. Truly. Please, have a seat, and enjoy this hot beverage {☕} while I tell you a little bit about myself.

🏠 Where I live

Arguably the greatest city on Earth—Calgary, Canada.

🤔 Why I built this

I built this (digital) home to share my work, my thoughts, and my hobbies with the world. I’ve always wanted such a place, and now I’ve got one!

🥰 Things I enjoy

Aside from my fondness of science and technology, I’m an amateur astronomer and chess player. I have a deep love for books, and a slightly unhealthy obsession with 70 year old science-fiction literature.

I like to think that this combination of astronomy, chess, and reading helps keep my mind sharp, healthy, and imaginative.

Once upon a time, I was a magician, but I haven’t performed in many years.

I occasionally dabble in new hobbies, such as painting and playing the violin. I’m an absolute beginner at the moment, but I hope to become competent someday. I also hope to step foot on the Moon. We’ll see which one of those I achieve first.

📜 A little bit of history before you go

I was born in a small village in Egypt, where I lived for the first six years of my life. As a six year old man (boy) I moved with my family (parents) to South-East Asia, in search of a better life. 25 years later, I moved to Canada alone, in search of the same. Being exposed to such differing cultures for extended periods of time has affected me in ways I cannot begin to describe. It’s been quite the adventure.

I shall leave you alone now. It is my hope that you’ll find something of use to you within these digital walls of mine.