Once in a while, I enjoy casual doodling. Here are some of my drawings. Not updated since 2017.

A drawing of a toco toucan bird on a dark background with  the words 'fun at the bird park' written next to it

Toucan or Not

A colorful drawing of a sunflower with two green leaves on the side, and a butterfly


A drawing of a boy's cartoonish face with a surprised look

Surprised Boy

A drawing of the cover of a box that says Full Service Print Shop on the front

My Watch Box

Bubbles of different sizes overlaid on top of each other, with different color combinations.

Color Bubbles

A drawing of a cartoonish rocket on a dark starry background, with a balloon holding up a signboard that says 'Mars'


A drawing of a simple, sad face over a dark, starry background.

Sad Face

Two drawn faces in black and white next to each other. One random and haggard, the other symmetrical.

Face + Face

A drawing of a telescope and a large Moon over a dark starry background, with 'always look up' written next to it.

Always Look Up

A simple drawing of a rocket with another small rocket next to it, attached to a balloon that says 'home'


A rough sketch of what looks like Jupiter. Maybe.

Jupiter: Sort of

A sketch of a ghost over a dark starry background, and the words 'oooo horror movies' written next to it.


An unfinished oil painting resembling Van Gogh's Starry Night.

This didn't Gogh All the Way

A sketch of a boy in a bowtie who looks extremely nervous. The boy's face is cartoonish, his hair extravagantly prim.

Nervous Boy

An unfinished sketch of a boy with an academic cap on. The facial features of the boy are slightly out of proportion.

School Boy

A self portrait in the form of a caricature, although the only exaggerated feature is the forehead.


A pencil sketch of a fictional man's head. He has long hair.

A Dude