Some of the projects I’ve worked on

3 min read
HR Transformation at a Fortune 500 Company

Using Design Thinking, Sprints, and Rapid Prototyping to solve 3-key Human Resource problems at a 55,000-person enterprise. A collaboration between the Human Resources Transformation Office, BCIO Office, ICT, and Digital Strategy teams.

Transformation Digital Design Thinking

5 min read
Enterprise Search Strategy

In a company with tens of thousands of employees, and millions of documents, how does one find the right piece of information? A project that involves developing a long-term strategy, formulating a business case, carrying out a POC to evaluate candidate products, and overseeing the project’s execution.

Digital Enterprise Search Proof of Concept (POC)

2 min read
KM1East: Real Estate Showroom Software

An interactive software project built for Berjaya Land—one of the largest real-estate development companies in Malaysia. Contributed to the sales of condominium units worth over RM 229 million (US$71 million.)

Software Dev Real Estate

1 min read
3D Architectural Walkthrough

A fully functional prototype of a 3D architectural walkthrough system made up of two parts: a 3D display, and an interactive control unit. This project was exhibited at CeBIT 2011 in Germany, and at the Intel Developer Forum 2011 in San Francisco, USA.

Software Dev 3D Architecture Multitouch Smart-Surface Video

1 min read
Nike-Arsenal: Shoe-Augmented Multitouch Table

An interactive surface table and software developed for Nike. These tables were used at showrooms, and during a launch event in partnership with Arsenal. The software responds by switching to a different mode when Nike’s new Tiempo IV Elite shoes are placed on the surface.

Software Development Nike RFID Smart-Surface Video

2 min read
Digital Autopsy System

In partnership with iGene, to convert their mouse and keyboard controlled digital autopsy software into a touch-controlled one running on a large interactive table, giving physicians a better view, and a more intuitive experience.

Software Dev 3D Multitouch Smart-Surface Video